Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...
Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

Bin Store Cleaning- Bin Room Cleaning

Bin Store Cleaning and Disinfection

Bin Store Cleaning

There’s a fundamental problem that many property managers are not recognising right now, which is causing properties across the UK to fall below acceptable cleanliness and hygiene standards….

Neglected bins and bin storage areas

Whilst it is yet to be seen if underground waste storage chambers will prevail in the Capitals waste management strategy, the current, most common method of waste storage in developments of 6 households or more involves a storage room containing bins.

Blocks without a strict waste management strategy and effectively planned cleaning schedules can quickly see the waste areas start to suffer.

Overflowing bins and rubbish on the floor not only creates an unattractive property but also attracts pests such as rats.

Communal bin and bin store care is an important part of property management

Benefits include;

  • Reduced pest infestation
  • Elimination of bad odours
  • Increased care shown by residents
  • Reduced airborne bacteria
  • Improved cleanliness and hygiene standards

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The problems with waste storage areas in the UK

On some sites residents only use the bins in closest proximity to the entrance of the bin store area, it seems some residents avoid entering the room all together and instead opt to throw their rubbish bags into the next available bin, inevitably in some incidents contributing to the accumulation of rubbish on the floor.

So, how do you stop people chucking their rubbish on the floor?

As a leasehold property owner, it was interesting to hear the following suggestions at a resident’s management meeting recently;

  • CCTV in the waste storage area
  • Signage on the walls
  • Leaving the bin lids open.
  • Contracting someone to rotate the bins

At LBC, we know one property management company that goes to the length of employing an external contractor to come in DAILY. Their job includes, picking up the rubbish from the floor, putting it in the bins, making sure all the lids are closed, and rotating the empty bins closer to the door.

Is there a better, more cost-effective solution?

At LBC, we know first-hand that when the bin stores and waste containers are maintained effectively, offending residents change their bad behaviours and the area is treated better. Residents of leasehold properties want to know that their service charges are going towards maintaining the Freehold and ensuring the area remains a clean and healthy place to live.

Proactive, Professional bin and bin store cleaning is a cost-effective way to do just that.



So how often should communal waste carts and Bin Stores be cleaned?

Proactive property managers we work with at LBC, choose to have the bins and bin storage areas deep cleaned and disinfected on their developments at least every quarter

The existing problem with the bin stores in many shared developments at the moment is that the regularly on site cleaners are tasked with cleaning the bin stores armed with just their mop and bucket. Cleaning a food stained, uneven concrete surface this way is as effective as cutting the grass with a pair of scissors. The best way to maintain these areas are with a deep clean and disinfection using hot pressure washing equipment.

The beauty about appointing a professional exterior cleaning is that the results are fast and visual. There is no easier way to show your residents that you are actively improving their property, and their standards of living.

Did you know a company exists which can take care of all your exterior cleaning including cleansing your bins, bin chutes and bin stores?

For a company that knows a thing or two about bins and bin stores, call LBC,

the trusted and reputable bin and bin store specialists.

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