Festival Food Bin Cleaning London

Food waste Bin Cleaning West London The summer time is a great part of the year where people from all walks of life can enjoy festivals, whether its a music festival, a religous festival , a food festival or any other type of festival there are usually large numbers in attendence which means large amounts […]

Rats In Bin Store

Rats in Bin Store! What to do if you have rats in your bin store. Examine the bin store to see how the rats might be gaining entry, block up any holes and ensure the bin store has a solid door that is closed when not in use. Ensure the bin store is cleaned regularly. […]

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Commercial Bin Cleaners

dustbin waste

4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Commercial Bin Cleaners Finding the right professionals to clean bins at your office requires knowing your options. Here are factors to consider when choosing commercial bin cleaners. Waste generation in England reached nearly 40 thousand tonnes in 2018. With all the food, products, and other stuff you toss out […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Commercial Waste Disposal

The UK produces nearly 100 million tonnes of waste every year. Whether you’re a business or an individual, managing your trash is an important responsibility. If you are a business, not managing your waste properly can result in fines and other consequences. So what does proper commercial waste disposal look like? That’s what we’re here […]

Bin Cleaners Near Me

Bin Cleaning company near me

Bin Cleaners Near Me If you live in North West London then we can clean your bins! When choosing a bin cleaning company you want one that’s been around for a few years, we have been established since 2012. If you need a one off bin clean then we cover the boroughs of Harrow, Brent,Ealing […]

What Attracts Maggots to Your Outdoor Rubbish Bins?

The lifespan of a maggot is 15 to 30 days. Though they live for such a short time, an excessive maggot infestation in your wheelie bins is less than ideal. This is not an uncommon pest problem during the summer months, but what causes it and what’s the solution? A dirty bin might be to […]

Fly Control 101 for London Homes and Businesses

Winter in London comes with plenty of challenges and problems, from icy roads to frozen pipes. At least we have the benefit of getting a break from flies, though. Some types of flies practice a form of hibernation during the winter. They stay put in cracks and crevices to remain warm until spring reappears. Still, […]

Banish Pests and Smells: 5 Surprising Benefits of Regular Professional Bin Cleaning

It’s not a glamorous job, but it’s a worthwhile one. We’re talking about cleaning your bin, of course. And with bin collections sometimes up to random chance, the downsides of a dirty bin are starting to become realities. Here are 5 surprising benefits of regular professional bin cleaning. 1. Waft Away the Whiff As local […]

How Do You Kill Maggots in a Bin? How to Avoid an Infestation

There are over 7,000 species of fly in Britain. Flies are an important part of the eco-system, but they are also an annoyance. Their offspring can be particularly disgusting and irritating. During the hot summer months, it’s common for maggots to be found in your wheelie bin. It can make the daily chore of taking […]

Rats and Flies and Other Creepy Crawlies: How to Avoid Rubbish Pests

Rubbish pests are more than just nasty nuisances; they have the ability to harbour harmful diseases that could potentially harm you and your family. Each year, thousands of households are infiltrated with rubbish pests that thrive on discarded waste materials. Whether you’re trying to keep away rats or germ-carrying flies, there are several steps you […]