Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...
Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

Our Prices

Commercial Bin Cleaning Prices

1100 litre bin

£ 15.00-45.00 Per clean

660 litre bin

£ 12.00-25.00 Per clean

360 litre bin

£ 10.00-15.00 Per clean

240 litre bin

£ 7.50-15.00 Per clean

120 litre bin

£ 7.50-14.00 Per Clean

Bin Chute Cleaning Prices

The price of bin chute cleaning depends on a number of factors. 

Firstly, how large is the bin chute, how many stories done the bin chute span over?

Secondly the level of service, some people want the hoppers deep cleaned aswell whereas some people just want the chute cleaned.

Thirdly, is the number of chutes that you have and the frequesncy of cleaning required. The greater these numbers the lower the price per clean so for example the same bin chute if cleaned 4 times per year or just a one off clean. The price per clean for the four times per year will be less than the price per clean for the one off clean. This is because a chute that is regular cleaned is much easier to clean and maintain to standard.

Bin Store Cleaning Prices

One off bin store cleaning starts from £250+vat. However many of our clients opt for weekly bin store cleaning to maintain decent cleanliness standards at their properties and with weekly bin store cleaning our lowest rate is £50 per clean for a relatively small bin store. 

The main factors that influence the price of bin store cleaning are ;

  1. The Initial state of the bin store 
  2. The size of the bin store
  3. If there suitable drainage 
  4. If there are any access issues – Eg Challenges getting our truck close to the bin store.
  5. Frequency- The more frequent the bin store is cleaned the cheaper the price per clean will be.
  6. Staining- If any challenging stains are present such as paint spill stains that need to be removed or rust stains then this will add to the cost