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Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

Rats In Bin Store

Rats in Bin Store!

What to do if you have rats in your bin store.

  1. Examine the bin store to see how the rats might be gaining entry, block up any holes and ensure the bin store has a solid door that is closed when not in use.
  2. Ensure the bin store is cleaned regularly. Rats will be attracted to food so ensure rubbish bags are not placed on the floor where they can easily be ripped open by a rat searching for food.
  3. Ensure there is enough bins for the waste and that the bins have lids which are kept closed. The other thing to look out for especially on the larger commercial bins is that the drain plugs are present and have not been removed as rats love getting up through drain holes on commercial bins when the plugs are missing.
  4. Get the bins cleaned regularly, regular cleaning will improve the hygiene levels and reduce bad smells which attract rodents.
  5. Get a pest control plan. A professional pest control technician can install a ‘rat box’ officially known as a rodent bait station, this contains a highly poisonous bait that will kill any rats that enter the box and eat the bait.
  6. Bulky Waste- Avoid storing bulky waste such as beds and mattresses in the bin stores as rats can look to use this for a home.
rats near bins
rats in bin store
rat control box

If you have a rat problem in your bin stores then LBC can provide the complete solution to solve the problem. We specialise in deep cleaning and disinfecting bins and bin stores and have been doing so for over ten years now. We have also teamed up with BIONET pest control company who specialise in removing pests.

Together we can offer you the complete solution to eliminate any rats from your bin store. First we will visit the site and inspect your bin store. Then we will secure any entry points where the rodents are getting in. You will receive a detailed report with suggestions to improve the area such as having more bins, having bins with lids or installing self closing doors, all of which we can take care of for you . Then we will deep clean and disinfect both the bins and the bin stores and put your area on our regular service plan to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene standards of the bin store are dramatically improved. After the bin store has been cleaned we will install the rat boxes which will be checked and rebaited on a regular basis. The service includes removing any dead rats from the boxes and reporting our findings on every visit. 

What makes us different than other pest control companies is that we use strong metal rat boxes which are also secured and fastened to the floor so they will not be easily knocked out of pace like other cheaper comparable which are just placed on the floor by other pest control companies. The other thing we do differently is as well as baiting the boxes we also install a trap system which doubles the chance of catching an killing the rodent.


Rest assured we can eliminate your rat problem fast and make your bin store area a clean, usable space once more.

Get in touch today to book a site visit and take the first step toward a rat free environment.