DIRTY, smelly wheelie bin – CLEAN my BINS

DIRTY-CLEAN-BINS1Recent research commissioned by Daniel Woolman, managing director of hygiene company Binifresh, has highlighted dangerously high levels of potentially lethal bacteria in UK’s wheelie bins. The scientist found that wheelie bins are a breeding ground for a host of bacteria associated with some of the most devastating stomach bugs including salmonella, e.coli, legionella, clostridium and deadly listeria. These bacteria can lead to gastroenteritis, meningitis and septicaemia; as well as the cause of chronic stomach infections. In addition, some fungal spores can trigger chronic lung and ear infections, and Candida Albicans which cause both minor ailments including thrush, and Systemic Candidosis which can be fatal. As well as this wheelie bins can be a magnet for rats, foxes and other disease-carrying vermin.

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