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Creating Cleaner, healthier places to live...

5 Major Benefits of Wheelie Bin Cleaning for Your Business

Do you like to clean your wheelie bin? You will be one of a tiny per cent who does if you say yes! But there is a way to like your wheelie bin more.

You can use a commercial cleaning service for your bins.

Wheelie bin cleaning is not the most appealing task, and, likely. You are not doing it often enough. But it is not only by law that wheelie bin cleaning is essential. A clean wheelie bin also plays a pivotal role in your business.

Read on to learn the five top benefits of hiring a commercial bin cleaning service for your business. Some might even surprise you!

1. Eliminate Bad Odours

It is a fact that wheelie bins start to smell with regular use. But as a business, you do not want to foul-smelling bins around customers, clients, or employees!

Unfortunately, a spray of air freshener in your wheelie bin will not eliminate the odour. You need a commercial cleaning service to do a thorough cleaning to eliminate odours. And a regular service will mean your bins stay fresh and odourless.

2. Pest Infestation


A smell is bad enough, but you do not want a nasty surprise or three when you open the wheelie bin! Vermin related enquiries continue to increase in the UK. So it is essential to take steps to prevent them.

Pests include rats, birds, and insects. None are good advertisements for your company and can become problems inside too.

A bin cleaning company will prevent any wheelie bin pest infestations. And if you have pests such as maggots, commercial bin cleaning will sort it and prevent it from returning.

3. Manage Hygiene

A wheelie bin can be a breeding ground for bacteria which cause infection such as stomach bugs. Common bacteria include Salmonella and E Coli.

The best bin cleaning service has the products and skills to remove bacteria. So, protect employees and prevent contamination with regular cleaning services!

4. Cost-Effective

Hiring a bin cleaning company may seem expensive, but it is cost-effective! You save any costly issues, such as pests or company sickness. And you save money finding the right resources for effective wheelie bin cleaning.

Most commercial bin cleaning companies offer packages to suit different budgets too.


5. Save Time!

Save time trying to motivate yourself or another employee to clean the wheelie bin! And can use your time for other tasks if you use a bin cleaning company.

Professional bin cleaning services have the skills to clean efficiently and quickly. Inexperienced cleaners will take a long time and not necessarily clean correctly. You will also have access to other services such as wheelie bin replacement if you need it.

Use a Wheelie Bin Cleaning Company!

A dirty wheelie bin is often the source of problems. But the simple, cost-effective option is a wheelie bin cleaning company!

Your business needs good hygiene standards for employees, customers, inspections, and its reputation. So put the rubber gloves away, and leave the cleaning to the professionals.

Are you ready for a clean wheelie bin? LBC has the resources and skills to offer the best bin cleaning service in London. Get a quote today!