Rats and Flies and Other Creepy Crawlies: How to Avoid Rubbish Pests

Rubbish pests are more than just nasty nuisances; they have the ability to harbour harmful diseases that could potentially harm you and your family. Each year, thousands of households are infiltrated with rubbish pests that thrive on discarded waste materials.

Whether you’re trying to keep away rats or germ-carrying flies, there are several steps you can take to prevent them from taking up residence in or around your home.

Here, we’re going to let you in on some tips you can use to dissuade rubbish pests from paying your home a visit. Just keep reading to find out what they are!

Keep Rubbish Bins Closed

Open rubbish bins give pests open access to your waste materials and allow them to feed on discarded food. The smell of the rubbish will attract pests from all around, so it’s always good to make sure your bins are closed when you aren’t using them, and especially at night.

You could even go a step further by locking your rubbish bins to keep more intelligent pests like rats from finding a way inside.

Keep Rubbish and Clutter Contained

Never leave rubbish bags or any waste clutter around your bins or your home’s exterior. This will only provide easy access for pests to get into your rubbish and make a mess.

Proper waste management means containing all rubbish and waste material in sanitised bins. If not all of your rubbish fits into your bins, keeping it in your garage until the next bin day is probably your safest bet.

Keep Your Home’s Exterior Clean

Buildings that have poor sanitation on the exterior attract pests like mice, rats, and more. Dirt, grime, and any kind of rubbish heap all serve to help pests like these thrive since they have access to food, shelter, and water in these unclean areas.

Another great tip is to keep your rubbish bins and waste containers as far away from your home as possible. This way, if pests are attracted, they won’t be coming anywhere near your home.

Keep Rubbish Bins Sanitised

The trash that sits in our rubbish bins builds up a layer of dirt, grime, and debris at the bottom. This attracts pests like flies and other bacteria-ridden insects that will try to make a home out of your rubbish bins.

That’s why it’s imperative to keep your bins washed out and clean, and why you need to read about our thorough bin cleaning process!

Keep Rats And Flies Away With Exterior Cleaning

The health and safety of you and your family depend on a pest-free home environment. That’s why calling a professional to maintain your home’s exterior cleanliness is an absolute must!

Are you trying to keep rats and flies away? And other harmful rubbish pests, too? If so, contact LBC Exterior Cleaning here to find out what our quality service can do for you and your household.

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