Bin Cleaners Near Me

Bin Cleaning company near me

Bin Cleaners Near Me

If you live in North West London then we can clean your bins!

When choosing a bin cleaning company you want one that’s been around for a few years, we have been established since 2012.

If you need a one off bin clean then we cover the boroughs of Harrow, Brent,Ealing and Barnet, However if you want a regular bin cleaning service where your bin is cleaned every four weeks then our current operations cover Harrow and Brent.

Bin cleaning is a great way to ensure your bins do not attract any unwanted pests such as squirrels, rats, mice or pigeons. Regular cleaning of your bins will also ensure that flies and maggots are not a problem you have to deal with. 

Our regular bin cleaning service starts from just £5 per bin and for this small price we send a bin cleaning operative to your property the day after your bin collection and they will jet wash your bin inside and out in the back of our van which has been purposely built for bin cleaning so that we catch all waste water on board. The cleaning operative will then disinfect and deodorise your bin so that harmful bacteria is killed and your bin is left smelling great!

Our team member will then mop out your bin so that excess water is dried up, after this they will place a sticker on your bin so your nice clean bin doesnt get mixed up with an unclean one on your road. Your bin is then returned to its correct position, all this for just £5 per!

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